Vertical Doors

Vertical Door Inc.

Vertical Doors for your ride! We have finally purchased our vertical doors for the Hummer SUT Build. These are made by the leading manufacturer in Vertical Hummer Doors. These kits are bolt-on installation that you can do in your driveway or garage or come into our Southern California Shop and have us install them for you.

Why Should You buy From Stallion Customs?
These kits are made for each individual application. Each kit is designed to fit each application we offer. They are made form the leading Vertical Door Manufacturer....Vertical Doors Inc.

If you have any questions during installation, we have our techs on hand to answer any question before, during, or after your installation process.

Vertical Doors Inc is the manufacturer of the vertical door kit, the kits are well designed and put through a R&D process before they release any application. Made and manufactured in USA

We have a warranty on all of our kits, and shocks. If you have any problems with your products, we warranty it. Just keep the original invoice.

Our Installation
We have started an install on our 2005 SUT and have no complaints about this kit.  It is an easy install that can be accomplished in your garage at home.  This kit will also be able to be removed if you are leasing your vehicle.  There is some minor cutting, but it will make a great reason to buy a small grinder at Sears for $40.  Any reason to buy another tool is a good reason to me.  Feel free to call us with any questions while you are installing.