Hummer H3

Hummer H3
With the decline of H2 sales, Hummer has decided to follow the lead of so many large corporations nowadays and downsize the H2. This last January Hummer hinted at the fact they would be introducing the H2's smaller clone, which was thoughtfully dubbed the H3 (even though Jim and I will always refer to it as the H2's "mini me") by unveiling their new H3 concept.

We have heard through the grapevine (and a series of press-releases) that hummer will indeed be launching this tiny little version of the H2 and it should be available for all you people who are dying to have a hummer sitting on your driveway by mid 2005.

Now, If you think this entire write up is dripping with sarcasm, good job because it's blatantly obvious. Not that we have anything against the H2 or it's Mini-Me, but they are both a far cry from the original truck. The H1 was and still is awesome. The H2 - well... it's a boxy suburban with a flip up hood at best. The H1 could be lifted by the rings protruding through the hood. Try that on your H2 and you'll end up with broken plastic pieces. I would also like to slap the Hummer marketing loosers who suggested that the luxury air-ride equipped H2 is possible of navigating anything rougher than a parking lot speed bump.

Anyway, enough on this rant. The new H3 line is projected to sell 100K units annually and should cost around $30,000-$35,000, depending on what color of bezel ring you would like around your A/C vents. (make sure it matches the leather). The reason the H3 is cheaper than it's bigger brother is because it is based on the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-sized truck chassis, but it's still a SUV wrapped in "aggressive and macho hummer styling".

Even though Hummer is further straying from the original model (The Military HMMWV - Or "My Big Truck" in Arnold talk) they are finally bringing a sensible mid-sized SUV to market that will at least look like the H2 even is it doesn't fit a set of 26" wheels and have enough room for your whole posse - At least the hood will still flip up!