Hummer H1 Serch & Rescue Bed Rack

Hummer H1 Serch & Rescue Bed Rack
Item# H1-EXT-327
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We are excited to release our new H1 Search & Rescue Bed Rack! The exciting thing about our new rack is the obvious feature of it opening up to allow full access to the bed of your Hummer. Additionally the rack will lock in place to allow more security.

The rack is transformable, meaning you can easily remove the center section to allow full access to the bed of your H1. The transformation is as simple as removing 2 bolts! Once the center section is removed, the side racks can stay in place to allow for storage without having the center rack in place.

The unique mounting structure allows for a floating look on the sides with no ugly exposed mounts and can be used with our Roll Top Bed Cover. Finally each Search And Rescue Bed Rack incorporates a hidden and protected dual hydraulic opening assist that opens up and stays up when loading and removing gear.

Available for both Soft Top and Hard Top H1 Hummers.

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