Hummer H2 & SUT Tire Cover W/Stainless Steel Ring

Hummer H2 & SUT Tire Cover W/Stainless Steel Ring
Item# SSR35RTCL35B
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Hummer H2 & SUT Rigid Tire Cover-Painted-W/License Plate Mount. Includes H2 Tire Cover Lockset at no additional charge! These painted tire covers are of the highest quality, and match Hummer factory colors perfectly. They install easily and securely with a highly polished stainless steel band. Please note that you will need to transfer your existing license plate dome to this tire cover.

*** General Motors Trademarks and the GM Official Licensed Product Emblem are used under licnese to Boomerang Enterprises, Inc.

*** Please note: out of date colors require an extra $30 charge and shipment will be delayed by 7 to 10 working days...