Original Hummer Accessories

Original Hummer Accessories
The Hummer accessories available today give this vehicle a unique sense of style and versatility that was unknown back in 1979 when the vehicle was first conceptualized. Originally, the Hummer started out as a vehicle designed to meet the Army's highest standards and to beat out the competition to provide reliable transportation. The Army needed a number of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles or HMMWVs (pronounced: hum-vee).

While working on creating the first Hummer, many other companies were doing their best to provide tough, road-worthy vehicles for the Army to purchase. While other companies were busy trying to change existing products to meet the Army's demands, AM General was working hard on the Hummer, which was a new concept in vehicles. The first prototype went from conception to road testing in Nevada in just 11 months.

The Army looked over many different designs for vehicles and asked several companies to provide vehicles for testing. The Hummer underwent a grueling five month period of testing and proved its abilities to the Army. The Army put together an initial contract to purchase 55,000 Hummers over a five-year period.

The first Hummer accessories to appear on the vehicles were added to meet the requirements of the Army. The Hummer had to be fitted with light armor to protect individuals who may have to drive the vehicle under fire. The armor had to be strong but could not take the vehicle's weight over certain limits, causing a design challenge to AM General that was successfully met very quickly.

Part of the original Hummer purposes was to use the vehicle as an ambulance to carry injured soldiers to safety. TOW missile carriers were added to the Hummer to give it a powerful form of defense. Special designs also made slight changes to the vehicle, allowing it to act as a troop transport as well.

Commercial Hummer Accessories Today Over the years, the Hummer and Hummer accessories have seen over 7,000 changes in this vehicle. The company offers the best product it can at any given time and strives to make it even better every year. The world of aftermarket Hummer accessories has made them one of the most customizable vehicles available for purchase by the public.

Exterior Hummer accessories can take your H2 to the next level of style so that other H2 owners will shake their head in awe at your breathtaking vehicle. The brush guard is a popular addition to these vehicles, as it protects the front of the vehicle from damage when driving over or through bushes and in forest areas. Light bars, grille covers, bumper covers, racks, mounts, rims, door handle covers and more are available to add distinction to the exterior of Hummers.

Interior Hummer accessories make life more comfortable and appealing to individuals who spend hours and hours inside their Hummers. There are many different accessories available including steering wheels, various kinds of dash trim, security boxes, seat covers, stereo and video equipment, floor mats and more. With all of the accessories available, you can personalize your vehicle to make it unlike any other.