H3 Hummer Carpeted Floor Mats W/ Logo

H3 Hummer Carpeted Floor Mats W/ Logo
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H3 Hummer Carpeted Floor Mats w/ H3 Logo - These are a GM Authorized Officially Licensed Product

Comes in a set of 3 (two Front w/ Logo & 1 full size seond row carpet mat no logo on backseat mat)

Premium Continuous Filament Nylon Yarn For Durability.

Premium nylon yarn provides excellent wear characteristics and durability.

Ultimat Carpet Layer (face): 2 pounds of premium nylon 2 ply continuous filament yarn in each square yard. Durability and density is created by twisting and heat-setting two pieces of yarn together in each woven tuft.

Specially dyed carpet colors to match or complement current and early OEM interiors. Multi-Layer Backing

4 layers of backing: Polypropylene mesh gives the tufted yarn its shape, extra heavy latex creates stiffness to help maintain mat shape, water-resistant layer to keep moisture from the original carpet, final Tractionbac composition rubber has natural non-skid characteristics.


o Long Wearing Carpet

o Stain Resistance

o Lasting Good Looks

o Moisture Protection

o Non-Skid