Super Charger with Intercooler Show Polished

Super Charger with Intercooler Show Polished
Item# H2-PER-781-P

• Adds up to 120 hp/120 ft. lbs. torque
(NOTE:  Please read important disclaimer)

• CARB E.O. # D-488-9 for 2003-06 models only

• 100% complete bolt-on system

•Front inlet 5th Gen supercharger with integral bypass valve.

• Patented cast aluminum manifold replaces factory composite unit and features equal-length intake runners that produce high torque and improved isolation from radiant heat.  The best feature of all is the latest in proprietary intercooler airflow technology (patent pending).

• "Internal bypass valve" virtually eliminates parasitic loss...and delivers a proven 30 to 66% increase in real world "under the curve" power.  Best of all, it costs less than 1/3 of a horse at 60 mph.  Now that's real efficiency.

• Fuel system includes new injectors, extruded aluminum fuel rails, factory "push-lock" connectors and fuel regulator adaptor

• Computer programmer re-flashes factory ECU, spark and fuel calibration, transmission shift points, line pressure and torque converter strategies are optimized to manage increased torque, horsepower and mileage.

• Installs in less than 1 day

• Std. 3-year limited warranty