SDS H2 & SUT Leveling System w/Front & Rear Shocks

SDS H2 & SUT Leveling System w/Front & Rear Shocks
Item# SDSH2LevelF-R
SDS Customs has designed a proper way to level your Hummer H2 & SUT. Cranking up the factory torsion bars and cogs overloads the adjusters and limits suspension travel, creating a harsher ride and accelerating front-end wear. The SDS system uses special re-indexed torsion-bar adjusting cogs that level the vehicle without compromising suspension performance and custom valved Bilstien shocks for ultimate ride quality and front end wheel travel. With the kit installed, you can use up to 37" Diameter tires. Installation is straight forward and can be accomplished in less than few hours, excluding the required professional alignment.

**Shocks Are Nickle Plated 5100 Series NOT CHROME PLATED Like Shown