H2 Hummer Officially Licensed Floor Mats

H2 Hummer Officially Licensed Floor Mats
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H2 Hummer Carpeted Floor Mats w/ H2 Logo - These are a GM Authorized Officially Licensed Product

Comes in a set of 3 (two Front w/ Logo & 1 full size seond row carpet mat no logo on backseat mat)Choose from 4 H2 logo colors red, black, yellow, and silver.

Premium Continuous Filament Nylon Yarn For Durability.

Premium nylon yarn provides excellent wear characteristics and durability.

Ultimat Carpet Layer (face): 2 pounds of premium nylon 2 ply continuous filament yarn in each square yard. Durability and density is created by twisting and heat-setting two pieces of yarn together in each woven tuft.

Specially dyed carpet colors to match or complement current and early OEM interiors. Multi-Layer Backing

4 layers of backing: Polypropylene mesh gives the tufted yarn its shape, extra heavy latex creates stiffness to help maintain mat shape, water-resistant layer to keep moisture from the original carpet, final Tractionbac composition rubber has natural non-skid characteristics.


o Long Wearing Carpet

o Stain Resistance

o Lasting Good Looks

o Moisture Protection

o Non-Skid

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