Hummer H1 Hood Scoop Smoke

Hummer H1 Hood Scoop Smoke
Item# H1-PER-347
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Improve the cooling and looks of your H1 Hummer with our proven hood scoop. Our scoop increases air flow through the cooling stack by 117% at 65mph! The front of the H1 can actually act as an air dam, forcing air up and over the upper hood grill. This has been proven with extensive wind tunnel testing. By catching the air before it passes up and over the upper grill will result in lower temperatures, improved performance and a more stable running vehicle. We also have side chanels which allows excess airflow to escape through the sides of the scoop. This allows the scoop to become more effective by simulating a venturi style action which allows the air to travel smoothly into the scoop and through the cooling stack as apposed to disrupting the airflow making the scoop less effective. Available in three colors, Clear, Smoke and Black.