Hummer H1 RapFlow Performance Lifter Pump 6.5td

Hummer H1 RapFlow Performance Lifter Pump 6.5td
Item# H1-PER-206
RapFlow High Performance Fuel Lifter Pump

Our RapFlow Fuel Lifter Pump is suited perfectly for the high demands of the H1 Hummer where rapid fuel flow, strength and relibility are paramount.

The RapFlow is designed to be a direct, bolt-on replacement for the factory low quality lifter pump that is prone to unreliable and low pressure fuel flow. Often times we find with age and the addition of performance upgrades the factory fuel pump begins to break down and or cannot produce the fuel pressure the truck needs to sustain a reliable life cycle. Ever wonder why your buddys H1 runs much cleaner and crisper then yours? The stock lifter pump and stock PMD can often be the cause. Please also see RapCool for improved reliability. We also offer a Performance Fuel Pressure Test Kit to determine if you are recieving adequete fuel pressure. We recomend checking fuel pressure on a stock lifter pump every 6 months or 6,000 miles.