Hummer H1 Direct Flow Hood Scoop

Hummer H1 Direct Flow Hood Scoop
Item# H1-PER-349-1
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Improve the cooling and looks of your H1 Hummer with our proven hood scoop. Our Direct Flow Hood Scoop increases air flow by up to 87% through the cooling stack for improved cooling! The front of the H1 can actually act as an air dam, forcing air up and over the upper hood grill. This has been proven with extensive wind tunnel testing. By catching the air before it passes up and over the upper grill will result in lower temperatures, improved performance and a more stable running vehicle. Our Scoop can also be installed with most brush guards including our D-Ring Brush Guard. Available in our Gloss Black Finish ready to be installed or our paint ready version! Installation takes just several minutes and with our Gloss Black Finish, there is no painting necessary.