Hummer H1 RapJet Fuel Injector Set 6.5TD 96-04

Hummer H1 RapJet Fuel Injector Set 6.5TD 96-04
Item# H1-PER-208
RapJet High Performance Injector Set

We are proud to offer the only High Performance Fuel Injector Set for the 6.5TD Hummer and HMMWV. Engineered to give your Hummer the correct amount of fuel for both stock H1's and H1's equipped with our legendary RapTorq Performance ECM. The RapJet Injector Set provides rapid throttle response, crisp light-throttle performance and stronger heavy-to-full throttle power. Power is increased by 32hp and 47ft/lbs of torque giving you Rapid Horsepower gains. Each RapJet set includes an installation kit for a trouble free install. There will be an additional core charge of $300 that will be reimbursed when your original injector set is returned to us. In order to assure peak engine performance, we recommend that a fuel lifter pressure test be done on your H1's fuel supply.