Hummer H1 6.5 Bio Diesel Conversion Kit

Hummer H1 6.5 Bio Diesel Conversion Kit
Item# H1-PER-795
Now you can safely run up to B-100 (100%) Bio Diesel in your H1 Hummer. The stock fuel lines begin to deteriorate after several months of use resulting in "sweating" or leaking fuel lines. Our Multi-Fuel Bio Diesel Conversion kit includes everything necessary to replace all of the stock fuel lines with Predator Bio-Safe Fuel Lines. Once converted, you can safely run any grade Bio Diesel or Diesel Fuels through your Hummer.

Running Bio Diesel in your Hummer will reduce our dependency on foreign oil, substantially reduce greenhouse gases, improve performance and engine life. Bio Diesel is found throughout the country at fuel stations and is manufactured from vegetable oils. Bio Diesel is commonly confused with SVO or Straight Vegetable Oil. SVO requires additional heaters and a dedicated SVO fuel tank. Bio Diesel can be used in any grade from 0-100% meaning that you can mix with standard diesel fuels.