Hummer H1 High Output Alternator Kit 250 AMP by Wrangler NW

Hummer H1 High Output Alternator Kit 250 AMP by Wrangler NW
Item# WNW-2009-22400
This Wrangler NW Power Product High Output Alternator Kit has a rated output of 250 amps. Idle output is rated at 125 amps. Replaces the factory alternator that is rated at only 124 amps! Dual fans for superior cooling. All of Wrangler NW Power Products alternator is manufactured in the USA, using USA workers. Each and every alternator is manufactured using 100% new parts. Wrangler NW High Output alternators are designed to work with your vehicle's on-board electronics and memory systems to deliver the required power levels without compromising the OEM computer controls. But our high output alternator kits take up where OEMs take a break. These alternators are custom built to deliver higher output at idle than other alternators.

This kit comes with the alternator, all the needed harness and pulleys, and the new charge cable kit. Picture does not reflect the actual product.

Will not fit gas models or 2006 Alpha H1. Available by phone inquiry only. Dual alternator brackets are available by calling our warehouse 831.245.5055


Stator Windings that are hand wound, heavy gauge wire, with 200& 65533;C slot insulation Precision balanced and aligned rotor Copper brushes with heavy gauge wire leads Over-sized bearings to withstand extreme belt loads 70-amp button diodes on aluminum heat sinks to enhance cooling efficiency.